Winter is here!

How to Prepare Your Home Before it's Too Late!

Well we sort of skipped fall around the PNW and went straight into winter! We have had our first freeze and had to jump into winterization mode at our homes. Hopefully you all prepared your homes but if not here are some things you should hustle to do while we have a few days of sunshine. PLEASE let us know if we can help with any referrals to help you with the below items:

  • Blow out your irrigation system.
    This may require a landscaping company to come out to clear your systems, but it’s quick and not very expensive.
  • Detach your hose(s) and cover the spigots.
    Water left in the hose/spout can cause pipes to crack and the spouts to malfunction (not to mention the hose as well).  Run to the hardware store and get those insulating spout covers!
  • Caulk any cracks or holes around your windows.
    Exterior silicone caulking is water-resistant and very durable.  You don’t want cracks to spread.  Better yet get on the list with your local glass company to replace those windows.
  • Clear the gutters.
    Last blog talked about clearing those gutters, you may need to do this again with the leaves that have come down.
  • Clean up the roof and siding.
    If you notice any moss build-up (common in the PNW), it’s best to scrape it to prevent further build-up.  Please call a roof company or knowledgeable roof professional so you don’t get hurt climbing up on the roof!
  • Bring in outdoor furniture and grills.
    Your furniture siting outside all winter in the elements could destroy it.
  • Insulate water-supply pipes. 
    Focus on pipes that aren’t kept warm by insulation or heating – those in the attic, crawl spaces, garage, and so on. Foam pipe covers work well and are easy to install, even those water noodles of your kids can be insulators if you have some around!
  • Install draft guards and weather stripping to necessary doors.
    Draft guards are inexpensive and slide onto the bottom of a door.  SUPER easy to install, they are often glorified foam stickers.
  • Replace the furnace filters. 
    This is important to do regularly, but especially important heading into winter. You don’t want that furnace overworking with a dirty filter and leaving you cold in your home if it malfunctions. 
  • Adjust the thermostat.
    If you’re going to be gone or have a vacant rental, make sure you don’t let the thermostat dip below 50 degrees. Trust me we have seen a lot of damaged homes from frozen pipes!

Cheers to a happy, warm, and properly functioning home this winter from The Virgil Adams Crew!