Virgil Adams Real Estate works hard at maintaining a reputation for honesty, professionalism and the highest of ethical standards.

About Virgil Adams - Porch on Condo

Virgil Adams

In 1953 Virgil Adams, then 28 years old, developed his first subdivision. Virgil died in 1992. He worked for various real estate agencies until 1971 when he formed his own company to assist him in the sale of the more than 25 residential developments he successfully completed over the years. Virgil Adams Real Estate, Inc. has grown to be the most successful and respected of all of the more than 60 companies comprising the NorthWest Multiple Listing Service. In 1984 he sold his real estate company to his son, Dennis Adams, who acts as broker. Dennis has been an integral part of the company for more than 30 years.

"To provide the public with the utmost professionalism, integrity and intelligent, dedicated service."

The company is purposely kept at a maximum of 17 full-time only sales agents. We feel this is optimum for our market and results in fully informed, knowledgeable and hard working sales people with a teamwork attitude. As a result, when a person hires Virgil Adams Real Estate to do a job, they are not hiring one sales representative, they are hiring an entire team to do the job.


Three Generations

  • 1925
    Virgil Adams Child pictures

    Virgil Lee Adams was born on February 4th, 1925.

  • 1943
    Virgil Adams in the Navy 1943

    After graduating Olympia High School, Virgil Adams attended St. Martin’s University, and then joined the US Navy.

  • 1946
    Richfield 1946

    Virgil Adams first small business venture: Howell & Adams Richfield, which is now the Filling Station. Although, before Virgil went into the Navy, he sold his first car for timber property, igniting his entrepreneurial passion.

  • 1948
    Dennis Adams is born in 1948

    Dennis Lee Adams was born on July 11th, 1948.

  • 1959
    Olympia Highschool 1959

    Virgil orchestrated selling the old Olympia High School and the purchasing of the property that would become the OHS we all know and love today!

  • 1962
    Virgil Adams quits Olympia Schools Job

    Virgil quit his Olympia School District job, a high paying career at the time, to work for himself developing properties in Olympia!

  • 1962 – Virgil Completes first commercial project

    Virgil completed his first commercial project which involved the construction and leasing of the WA State Department of Employment Security building.

  • 1962 – Virgils First Development
    Forrest Hills Development in 1962

    Forrest Hills becomes Virgils first development with the help of his business partner Jim Dutton.

  • 1971

    The birth of Virgil Adams Real Estate Inc. The first office was a small office in the Evergreen Plaza Building where he met Ron Rants creating a multigenerational friendship!

  • 1976 – Remodeled Office
    Virgil Adams Real Estate gets a new office in 1976

    Purchased and remodeled the building that Virgil Adam’s Real Estate is in today!

  • 1976 – Dennis joins Virgil Adams Real Estate
    Dennis on site building houses in 1976

    After leaving his job in insurance, Dennis starts working for Virgil Adams with his dad.

  • 1978
    Tammy Adams as a girl with Virgil

    Tammy Adams was born

  • 1984
    Dennis Adams takes over Virgil Adams Real Estate in 1984

    After officially receiving his real estate license in 1981, Dennis takes over and becomes the second generation of Virgil Adams Real Estate Inc. All while Virgil starts Adams Construction and continues to build subdivisions in Thurston County.

  • 1992
    Virgil Adams Passes in 1992

    Virgil Lee Adams passed away.

  • 2012
    McAllister Park Dedicated to Virgil Adams

    McAllister Park was developed and Virgil Lee Adams was honored in memory with a plaque.

Our Team:

The Best in Thurston County

Our agents vary in age from 30 to 65 years old and come from all walks of life. They represent several different interests which provide the company with a wide sphere of influence in our market area. We have a former local business owner, a former Chamber of Commerce board member, former president of the American Cancer Society, a former Chairman of United Fund, and a former personnel manager for the governor. Most of our agents are college graduates. All of our agents are required to be active in the community and to produce a minimum income level in order to maintain their relationship with Virgil Adams Real Estate. Turnover of personnel is unusually low, as we believe in compensating the sales force at a higher level than most competitors. The relationships between individuals in the company exudes a spirit of cooperation and professional respect.

Years of

Experience & Expertise


With more than 100 miles of Puget Sound waterfront and lakefront, Virgil Adams Real Estate has made it a point to concentrate on waterfront properties.


Local lenders have a high degree of confidence and desire to work with Virgil Adams Real Estate due to our achievements with residential sales per agent.

Vacant Land

Our company prides itself with the success of listed and sold vacant land transactions in comparison to any other company in the area.


With no less than 25 successful residential developments under it’s belt, Virgil Adams Real Estate can boast that no other company has done half of what we have done in Thurston County.