Thanks for Joining Us, Gator!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a spirited 3-year-old horse with an interesting tale to tell. When I was born, my original owner didn’t want a colt, but my mom, Tammy, stepped in and eagerly took the chance to bring me into her stable in Evergreen Valley. Since then, I’ve been steadily learning and growing, with Tammy believing I have great potential. Although she’s not too thrilled about my habit of playfully nibbling on people, I just can’t resist! Even my sister, River, gets a bit wary of my playful nibbles. But hey, I’m full of youthful energy and mischievous charm, so who can blame me?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Oh, I’m quite the enthusiast when it comes to hobbies! I thoroughly enjoy keeping myself occupied and exploring new experiences. It’s safe to say that I have an uncanny ability to make friends wherever I go, and I’m not one to be too concerned about personal space. After all, who needs personal space when you have a world full of fascinating things to discover?

Do you have an area of expertise?

I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to become a skilled Reining Horse and Reined Cow Horse. If you’ve ever watched the show Yellowstone, you might have seen those riders on their fancy horses performing in the outdoor arena, stopping suddenly, and spinning around really fast. Well, that’s exactly what I’m training for! I’m determined to master those impressive maneuvers.

On top of that, I have a keen talent for detecting whether you happen to have any kind of peppermint tucked away in your pockets. It’s like a sixth sense for me! Peppermints are my absolute favorite treat, and I have a knack for sniffing them out. So, if you’re ever looking to share a delightful snack with me, just keep some peppermints handy, and we’ll be instant friends!

Good luck with all of your training and hard work, Gator. We'll bring peppermint next time we visit you!

My Mom & I!

Just casually lounging around with my sister, Gracie.

Message my mom to keep up with achievements!