Carlyon Community Highlight

Welcome to the Carlyon neighborhood in Olympia, Washington!

Just over the Capitol Boulevard Bridge, you’ll find the Carlyon neighborhood. A humble area that hasn’t forgotten its ties to the city’s rich history; it’s the perfect spot for you and your family to settle down.

The Belsito House was built in 1940 by woman architect Trena Belsito. This Georgian-Colonial-French style-building resides on Hillside Drive.

Evidence of this neighborhood’s farmland background can be seen in the historic Cloverfields home. Initially the center of a large dairy, the Dutch-style house now sits around the corner to the William Winlock Miller high school, more commonly known as Olympia High School.

Watershed Park near Carlyon

This high school enrolls around 1,900 students per year, with a dedicated staff of 150 faculty, and is the oldest high school in the Olympia School District, with a graduation rate of 91%.

Take advantage of Olympia’s oldest, and coolest, strip mall. Located in the historic Wildwood building—local businesses call this corner of Carlyon their home, and the strip has developed into a bustling hub for the neighborhood.

Grab a slice of pizza at Vic’s Pizzeria. Winner of the 2015 “Best Pizza Awards” from the local Olympian paper, this locally-owned pizza parlor is a popular stop for Olympia High kids after school. Each pizza is named after a loved person or dog—you won’t find a friendlier place to take your family for dinner.

You can order a cup of gourmet coffee at Olympia Coffee next door. Taking pride in their Fair-For-All coffee beans from around the world, Olympia Coffee serves rich, delicious coffee every day of the week.

If you need to grab a few things for dinner, the local grocer Spud’s Produce Market is right around the corner. With fresh produce and local products, Spud’s is the perfect spot to pick up those few ingredients you left off your list.

Find your grounding, and maybe your next meal, in the Carlyon neighborhood

Carlyon Attractions

Vics Pizza in Carlyon Neighborhood


Vics Pizzeria is locally owned and operated since 1999. Their success is all due to hard-working staff, excellent food quality, and fabulous customers.
They use only the finest ingredients in all our foods. Their pizza dough is made fresh daily by our expert staff. Almost everything they serve is hand prepped from their baked goods, and salads to our pestos, dressings, and pizza toppings.
With all of the pizza’s named after loved people and dogs, you won’t be able to find a more welcoming and fun environment to take your family for dinner.

Spuds Produce Market in Tumwater


Spud’s Produce Market specializes in fresh produce, both organic and conventionally grown, as well as craft beer, fresh baked goods, locally produced foods, and more.
They work with a variety of local companies and producers, including: OlyKraut, Smith Brothers Farms, Honey Bear Farms, Tunawerth Creamery, Lost Peacock Creamery, The Bread Peddler, Briney Seas Delicaseas, Olympia Seafood Company, Chehalis Mint Company, Matchless Brewing, and more!

Olympia Coffee Roasters


The café continues Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.’s commitment to the highest standards in coffee brewing, espresso preparation, and customer service. Every coffee beverage will be ground and brewed per cup and per order by a skilled barista. In addition to espresso beverages, the menu will include hand-brewed, pour-over coffee and impeccably sourced and roasted whole bean coffees.

Capital Perks Espresso Stand


“Nice little espresso stand. I love their trivia of the day. Every time I go the baristas are always friendly and the coffee is always delicious.”
-Google Review

Pellegrinos Italian Kitchen in Tumwater


“Great food, amazing service and very clean. You can always tell when a place prides itself on what it does and that is this place. The food and facility gives it five stars, the staff give it 6. Very wonderful place for great Italian food!”
– Google Review

Barclift Park near Carlyon Neighborhood


Not far from the Carylon neighborhood, this park has a small shelter (not reservable) with picnic tables, children’s play toys, grassy picnic and play areas, a half-basketball court, tennis court, and walking trails around the park. It is 3 acres in size.

Watershed Park


Watershed Park is a 153-acre temperate rain forest public park located in Olympia, Washington that supplied almost all the city’s water from privately established wells in the late 1800s. The city acquired and operated the wells starting in 1917 until the 1950s when the municipal water source was replaced.

Trillium Park Near Carlyon


Features: This scenic, forested ravine was protected through the efforts of the Governor Stevens Neighborhood Association and the generosity of landowners. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, property owners donated land to preserve this open space.
History: This scenic, forested ravine was protected through the efforts of the Governor Stevens Neighborhood Association and the generosity of landowners. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, property owners donated land to preserve this open space.

Tumwater Historical Park near Carlyon


This scenic 17 acres offers a play area, historical structures, hiking & a covered picnic pavilion. It also features waterfront views of the Old Olympia Brewery Building and is located at the basin of the Deschutes River just a short jog from the Tumwater Falls.

Olympia High School


Olympia High School opened in 1882 as additional public schooling beyond 1-8 curriculum, and graduated its first class in 1886. OHS shared a few locations with elementary schools before having its own building in 1907, when OHS became officially named William Winlock Miller School, a high school. The 1907 building was built on a square block donated by the widow of pioneer leader William Winlock Miller on ground immediately east of the today’s sunken gardens, part of the Washington State Capitol Campus.

Pioneer Elementary School


Pioneer Elementary School is located on the corner of Carlyon and Henderson Boulevard near Olympia High School. Our service area reaches out to several neighborhoods of southeast Olympia. Because of its proximity, Pioneer is truly a neighborhood school. Named in honor of the pioneers who settled the southeast Olympia area, the school was completed in September, 1969.

Washington Middle School


Our educational program is based on a core curriculum of English language arts, social studies, math and science. In addition to these four core classes, our students attend a PE/health/tech arts rotation (one semester of PE, and a quarter of tech arts and a quarter of health) as well as one elective class. Our elective classes are divided between music (chorus, band, orchestra, music and movement) and non-music (art, media, leadership, Legos/pre-robotics, marketing, video production, visual communications, and Bulldog Productions).