Capitol District Community Highlight

Welcome to the Capitol District in beautiful Olympia, Washington.

Just a few blocks south of downtown Olympia and right next to the Capitol Campus of Washington, you’ll find the historic South Capitol neighborhood.

A picturesque historic district, the South Capitol neighborhood is home to a variety of local dignitaries and politicians, as well as many local Olympians who call these streets home.

Many of the houses in this neighborhood sport a variety of architectural styles, with some designated historic homes that date back as far as 1878. The tree-lined neighborhood’s rich history allows it to host houses in numerous styles, such as: classic Pioneer, regal Victorian, homey bungalows, Four-square, and English Revival homes.

Capitol District Historic Home

The South Capitol neighborhood is within walking distance to Olympia’s vibrant downtown and Capitol Lake, but the area contains its own hidden gems as well.

Near the Capitol Building sits the Lord Mansion, built in 1923 for the Capital National Bank founder Clarence Lord. The mansion and adjoining coach house are available for event rentals and host regular lectures by The Evergreen State College.

For a dash of culture, consider visiting All Sorts Gallery on Capitol Way. This home is temporarily converted into a gallery space for Olympian artists a few times a year, and visitors are always welcome to indulge in art conversations over cheese and wine with the locals.

If you’re looking for a classic neighborhood with historical integrity, the South Capitol Neighborhood might just be the area for your next home. Several of these homes are on the Historical Register and you can see the plaques as you pass by. Just ask any of our locals that grew up here, these homes have endless stories!

Halloween and Christmas create a bustling neighborhood each year. Hundreds of children love to trick or treat around these historic homes so that magnificently decorated. When Christmas season comes around the décor is just as magnificent as Halloween. Be sure to take a moment and drive or walk through the area.

Historic Lincoln Elementary is tucked back off capitol way. Built in 1934 it is the oldest and only multi story school in the Olympia Schools District. Besides it’s gorgeous, castle like appearance it has a large athletic field you will find busy throughout spring and summer known as Stevens Field and donated by Isaac Stevens.

Capitol District Attractions

Jean Piere's Three 16 is a great place to enjoy gourmet food located south of Capitol District


Jean-Pierre’s Three16 was founded by husband and wife duo who invite guests to the taste of classic French cuisine with a Northwest spin. Though local suppliers and seasonal ingredients, Certified Executive Chef Jean-Pierre and Chef Kerri have cultivated an exclusive menu that goes beyond their reputation. Not far from the Capitol District this is a great spot to take a date or enjoy great food.

Wagners Bakery in Downtown Olympia


Their bakery fare includes the largest variety of baked goods and desserts in the Puget Sound area. The offerings include such items as European pastries, tortes, cakes, wedding cakes, cookies, eclairs, and seasonal treats. Their signature bakery item is cinnamon bread. We also specialize in orders for special holidays and occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation, and anniversaries.

Frog Pond Grocery in Capitol District


“The Frog Pond Grocery is cherished by all who live nearby in our (also cherished) South Capitol neighborhood. Besides being the best beer and wine store around, it is absolutely miraculous how the owner has managed to stock the store with the normal pops, ice creams, candy and chips, as well as the more healthy choices. And, he smiles a big smile and makes us feel right at home. And, he has managed to keep his prices competitive with the big stores.”
-Yelp Review

Olympia Baking Company rests in the heart of Capitol District


Willis Maxfield, who was a chef at Gardner’s Seafood & Pasta, is the new proprietor. His baking business is entirely gluten free — including the Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes he sells. Miss Moffett’s is the creation of Rachel Young, who is Maxfield’s fiance-Yelp Review

Swing Wine Bar overlooking Capital Lake


A charming gastropub in a house overlooking Capitol Lake serving French-influenced Northwest fare. They currently pour over 30 wines by the glass and offer over 200 bottle selections, the largest in the South Sound.

“Our goal at Swing is to make our wine and cocktail lists approachable and satisfying, and our staff is trained to suggest complementary pairings for your unique experience.”

Lord Mansion in Olympia, Wa


Lord Mansion was built in 1923 for banker Clarence J. Lord and his wife, Elizabeth. Lord served as Olympia’s mayor in 1902-03 and was a supporter of keeping the city of Olympia as the state capital. His wife Elizabeth was a founding member of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was active in many public civic organizations, being remembered for her warm and welcoming home and her generosity to children and students in the community. Daughter Helen was born in 1904 and, one year after graduating from the University of Washington, married bank employee William (Bill) Lucas in 1928.

Stevens Field


Stevens Field was deeded to the Olympia School District on May 27, 1921. In 1963, the Olympia School District began leasing the site for athletic purpose to the City of Olympia. Today it remains an active area for competitive athletics. In 1994, the Olympia School District renovated Lincoln Elementary School, and as a result two fields were eliminated and tennis courts relocated.

Heritage Park


Heritage Park is a 24-acre state-owned park adjacent to the State Capitol Campus, Capitol Lake and downtown Olympia. It is the northern extension of the historic West Capitol Campus. The park features walking/running paths that encircle the entire perimeter of the park and Capitol Lake, and connect to other pedestrian paths. The Heritage Park Trail, a switchback trail at the south end of the park, winds its way up to the historic Capitol Campus on the bluff above.

Lincoln Options Elementary School in Capitol District


Lincoln is the oldest and only multi-story school in the Olympia School District. Its earliest seeds were planted in the early 1890s at the southeast corner of what is now 13th Avenue and Cherry Street.

Olympia High School


Olympia High School opened in 1882 as additional public schooling beyond 1-8 curriculum, and graduated its first class in 1886. OHS shared a few locations with elementary schools before having its own building in 1907, when OHS became officially named William Winlock Miller School, a high school. The 1907 building was built on a square block donated by the widow of pioneer leader William Winlock Miller on ground immediately east of the today’s sunken gardens, part of the Washington State Capitol Campus.